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4M [multi-modern-mixed-media]

4M [multi-modern-mixed-media]®
- my new art concept that I’ve been workin on for
quite a while. 4M highlights 4 key points of itself which in fact creates 2 major ideas witch are holding the base of the self-proclaimed genre - Multi - Modern - Mixed - Media

Multi-Modern - Variety of the styles and techniques, cultures, mixing elements of many existing or ever existed or never existed art genres and styles of all times but being expressed in the modern society and cultures.

Mixed-Media - speaks for itself, using the widest variety of mediums and materials (especially natural ones), such as real diamonds, real money, gems, crystals and stones, wood, coffee, spirits, oils, herbs, glass, self designed and crafted jewlery, disposal waste, toys, fire, water, resin , print outs, gold and other metals , post stamps, blades to create my currency swords and stuff, comics and newspapers and of course paint and many other different things, leather, fur…as u can see could be anything

Picture about the company

What's the VISION?

Everybody has wishes, desires, dreams...I’m glad to have an opportunity and a tool to support that and help people to pursue chasing their best lives. The concept is about manifestation & creating some sort of a visualisation board in a quite sublime and finest quality and value form, that would consist everything one might wish or dream of - any
medium, any idea, any desire...any dream. Just like when u sleep u see what u want, whether it’s considered to be possible or to be called “unreal”. Now u can have it here, in this dimension, to exist in front of ur eyes constantly - and all of a sudden magically it might turn into reality for you, especially when you give it the power it requires. It’s much easier when u watch it daily. It’s just how it works.

Picture about the company

In my work I really became an artist of many mediums and techniques, which helps me to bring wide diversity of the vibes, moods and shapes and also create stories in many many ways. I always try to pursue my wonderer nature and dig into something new to explore. Mixing as many mediums and materials as could possibly be is something that definitel
works out for me to expressively open up my visions and images as much accurate as possible. In this concept freestyle technique plays a huge part, a lot of stages and layers of each piece go within the freestyle , with the flow, surfing the natural wave of the current moment, u can't really prepare everything for the future, sometimes u just feel it in the moment and express as it feels.

Also if it my own not commissioned work it might consist some story that u could stayand figure out for days.

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