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Dan Caravan

(Sabayev Oleg)

Dan Caravan is an artist, drummer, performer, producer, communicator, provocative poet, vocalist, to name a few.
His works bridge infopreneurship, high tempo, and pop culture. His paintings are a good example of music visualization (with refrains and voices in different rhythms).
Filling his paintings with references to the art history, Dan connects the forms of expression like a DJ, animating fragments of the real and illusory, past and future.

Dan Caravan merges all modern phenomena: Instagram, streetstyle, culinary and travel vlogs, lifestyle, music and extreme sports videos.

All his hobbies are reflected in his pictures instantaneously but not always linearly. He depicts real life and is very fond of collaborations. Yet, Dan Caravan only works with the people who inspire him. Design, music and fashion form an excellent combination for him.

Picture about the company

His works always come with an invisible smiley emoji. This mocking modern "symbol" of the joy of life filled with self-irony is never left behind.

Dan Caravan reconsiders the culture, making it more accessible to the Generation Z.
His success is based on the ultra-positive view of life and the great understanding of the Instagram era.

Dan Caravan is a cheerful thinker and very attentive observer. Each of his portraits is shaped by ideas and references. Caravan considers art as a series of projects in fusion style. He is active, ready for cooperation, and very open-minded.

"I build the plot of my paintings from the same viewpoint that I use to look at myself and people around me every day, at the mundane and sublime, at the ugliness and charm, at the absurdity and irony, at the passion and boredom, at the sarcasm and selfishness, at the love and hatred, at the care and indifference, at the greed and vice, at the sorrow and joy."

Picture about the company

He is a real communicator and multitasker.
Dan Caravan shifts between different disciplines and continents at ease.

He is an avid traveler, who’s unlikely to stay in one place for several days in a row. Today, he represents the artists at the hybrid art show in New York, tomorrow he crosses Europe in a rally (sometimes in reverse). Today, he edits a travel video on his way to the rock festival, and tomorrow he flies to the opening of his exhibition in Berlin.

His journey is unique
Having received a Master's degree from the Regent's Business School of London, Dan Caravan goes downstairs to the stationery store on Reyman Street for a paper to paint a motivating large poster plan and hang it on the wall, and suddenly notices the paint.

A second later, the newly-minted master decides to add colors to his business plan, completely unaware that at that exact moment something new enters his life.

Such combination of infopreneurial coaching and art spawned Dan Caravan’s new sincere approach that instantly transmitted to the British who adore all sorts of innovation and experiments. His life color correction now conquers more and more people in different countries who are following the improvisations of the cheerful philosopher with a genuine interest.

"Believe in yourself, dream boldly, and you will never be bored!" Dan Caravan encourages them, launching a motivational flash mob of joy and preparing for the first intergalactic exhibition in space.

Dan Caravan creates powerful, complex portraits in which he tells fascinating stories while combating stereotypes. And people love stories.

Dan Caravan’s works are now in private collections around the world.

Given his creative potential and growing interest from European art curators, owners of American sound labels, and private collectors, it is interesting to know what will happen next.

Triumphant moments

Chronology of creative development






1. The beginning of the journey as an artist
London, United Kingdom

Since the beginning of his artistic career, Dan Caravan has added more than 300 works of art (around 2/3 of which paintings) into his portfolio. The artist continues to work and doesn’t plan to stop.
2. Some of the artist's works are in private collections around the world: in London, New York, Vienna, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, San Francisco, Miami, Mexico, and Los Angeles.

3. During his career, the artist took part in a range of events and exhibitions, where the public could see and purchase the master's works in a rather unusual and interesting format.

The artist's works often decorate the interiors of top business centers and offices, including the towers of the largest business center “Moscow City”.

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