Taking collector's works for art shows for exposition

Increases value and provenance of the collector’s work, mentioning the collector’s name or not is up to the collector, also reselling can be provided through my shows and platform for 20% commission of the final selling price.



Me and my team regularly hold exhibitions and installations of contemporary art in popular galleries, bars and institutions in Moscow and around the world (including the UK, Europe, America, Dubai, etc.) with press coverage and media publications, publications, press bulls indicating sponsors and other.


Rent works

You can rent certain works for your space for personally calculated monthly or annual fee. Text to find out more info and discuss the current options.


Master Class

We can provide Dan’s master class with the interactive live performance-lecture on various Art&Culture&Trends related topics, breaking down various techniques and styles the artist love to work with. Dip into the timeless art world reality


Human Art

Art x Make up live performance. Impressive cross sharing live performance of creating art forms with human models and make up art creators involved.


Live Sculpture or Mural Painting Show

Give me any of your item whether it is a sculpture that u feel like to fresh up or your old painting that could be brought some new colours into or simply a piece of furniture or clothes or anything


Car painting

We provide individual car wrap hand painted designs that will make your car pop out on the streets and bring some individuality into your vibe. Car, Yacht, Apartment, House, bike - almost anything is suitable and available for personalised custom artwork.


Art consulting, master classes , group or personal. various options. facetime, personal meeting or emails. Advices, personal art strategy development, my personal patronage of your first art steps or if you want to bring your art to the next level. Taking you for exhibitions , introducing to
the people in the sphere, collabs and promotion.



Collaborate with brands, create designs and style of a brand or spot.



Designing ur space, flat, house, office, restaurant , whatever


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